Botox $12 per unit Call for your appointment! 919-322-5555 Not all injection experiences are the same. Danielle Rice, RN and Suji Park-Idler, MD both administer neurotoxins with a light touch. The goal is to lessen wrinkles without a frozen look or heavy feeling. At The Spa at Lafayette we prefer to administer neurotoxins sparingly. We…


The UltraShape procedure is a pleasant, relaxing experience. It’s nonsurgical, so there are no incisions or anesthetics. Learn more

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Do you need ThermiVa… 1. Do you prepare for a sneeze by clenching your legs together so you will not accidentally urinate a bit? 2. Do you remember your orgasms coming quicker or maybe more often? 3. Do you need lube to comfortably have sex? 4. Are you wearing a pantyliner on a daily basis…


World class massages and facials for the best results and most relaxing of experiences.
Expertise and experience provide a whole new level of service.

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January Special This is the best time to start a Fraxel series. Single Fraxel treatment for $750 (reg $950) Juvederm Special First 20 clients to purchase a syringe get $100 off. Get ready for your winter cruise with UltraShape. Renew your skin while the sun is hiding with Fraxel. Give your romantic life a re-boot with ThermiVa.


Treatments are available for a variety of body areas.  Learn about the possibilities. ULTRASHAPE Ultrasound used to target and elimate fat cells THERMIVA Vaginal rejuvenation LIPOSONIX Melt away fat at waist, thighs & arms THERMITIGHT Lift and tighten sagging skin at neck, jowls, arms, belly & more THERMIDRY End sweaty pits and hyperhidrosis THERMIRASE Erase…