To get the best results in appearance knowing the differences between these two types of injectables is key. We only allow the doctor or a nurse to perform our injections at ReFINERY.

When you arrive at the decision that you want to improve or regain some aspect of your looks through an injectable you should look at what exactly you want to have change. One of the benefits of working with ReFINERY is that we can develop the correct plan for your needs. Many things need to be taken into consideration – bone density, volume loss, underlying ligament structure – pair this with the variety of products that are available and it becomes a decision that expert help is valuable.

Each of the products that are available are approved for different placement and usages. Some have been in use in other countries for years and are only recently becoming available to the American public. The viscosity, density and binding of them create different effects. Let us educate you on your face and recommend a course of action that achieves your goals.

Ethnicity should be considered along with skin type, gender and definitions of “improved beauty”. Here at ReFINERY we do not want cookie-cutter results. We want you to be the restored or improved you with symmetry, function and beauty in both repose and action. When something doesn’t look natural, it does not enhance beauty. Barbie does not exist and we will not help in creating “barbie-like” people. The beauty of a person is in their uniqueness and inner confidence.

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