Troubled by a sagging neck, jowls or loose skin from weight loss or heredity? ThermiTight from Thermi is the answer. The ThermiTight procedure can address these concerns without surgical scars or implants.

With ThermiTight, a controlled amount of thermal energy is applied to targeted tissue.  The tip of the tiny probe provides constant feedback of the actual temperature during treatment.  In addition, an infrared camera is used to monitor skin temperature to ensure that your treatment is both safe and effective.  Heat is used to selectively melt adipose (fat) tissue for body contouring and volume reduction anywhere on the body. It is the latest advancement in skin tightening.

Different targeted doses bring different types of results. Dr. Suji Park-Idler is the physician in this region to offer the service. Often this treatment is used in conjunction with others to give you the best possible results.


THE BELLY: This is a great procedure for women who have had children and have retained fat and stretch marks or have post pregnancy skin changes around the abdomen. Topical treatments do not address this.

THE BACK: Many women redistribute fat to the back area. This treatment can minimize and tighten this area.

THE LEGS/HIPS: Loose skin, fat deposits and cellulite on the legs and hips can all be addressed.

THE ARMS: After weight loss, loose sagging arm skin can be reduced significantly without surgical scars.

NECK: Loose jowls, chin fat.

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